CH Wingfield Whimsical Remark


Music: "Wind Beneath My Wings"

CH Meadowlark's Legend of Shandon CH Meadowlark's Vindicator CH Meadowlark's Intrepid CH Meadowlark's Masterpiece
CH Meadowlark's Interlude
Meadowlark's Magical Mirage CH Shawnee Pipedream O'Charlton
CH Meadowlark's Moonlight Magic
CH Meadowlark's Chances Are Am. Can. CH McCamon Marquis CH Tirvelda Telstar
CH McCamon's Royal Burgundy
CH Meadowlark's Interlude CH Rendition Erin of Sunny Hills
Glen Cree Merriment
CH Wingfield Adoration CH Meadowlark's Anticipation CH Candia Indeed CH Bayberry Kincaide
CH Candia Fatima
CH Tirvelda Meadowlark's Ebbtide Am./Can./Mx CH Draherin King's Ransom
Trivelda Samaria
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Wingfield Autumn Haze
CH Courtney's LuLu McGee CH Courtwood Summer Forecast
Nor-Mar's Meghan McGee